Scam. Review has been proven to be a scam so don’t waste your time and funds on it,

What’s is a Ponzi scheme website that let you mine crypto and pay you for it. Most users complained that immediately they upgrade they are being banned from the website.

Who is the CEO of

Billy nelson ceo of chainmine

How to get & use your Hardware Power on Chainmine?

Hardware Power is just like the currency on Apparently, Chainmine offers the required mining hardware as a service. Your miners come, mine the Bitcoins, and hand them to you. What you give them as payment for their service is your Hashpower/Hardware Power.

Also called Hash Power, the first Hardware Power you get is free (when you register) – 1000 GH/s (1TH/s). Thereafter, you have to look for ways to multiply your Hardware/Hash Power.

You can use the free Hardware Power to mine new Bitcoin, then exchange the newly mined Bitcoins to further Hardware/ Hash Power. 

Mine Bitcoin, exchange the new Bitcoins to get more Hashpower. Rinse. Repeat.

You can also get more Hashpower/Hardware power when you invite new users to use Chainmine.

How to calculate ROI on the Bitcoin (BTC) income

This is an estimate. The numbers are affected by a number of factors – time of day, availability of miners, the rate of mining, your hash power, and so on.

How to withdraw from Chainmine? You can simply go to your Bitcoin on the Chainmine platform and fund another wallet straight from there.

  • Per hour: 0.31% 0.00000122 BTC
  • Per day: 7.41% 0.00002988 BTC
  • Per week: 51.84% 0.000209 BTC
  • Per month: 222.22% 0.00089667 BTC
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To get more users, Chainmine has an associate program that lets registered users invite new people to use Chainmine and get rewarded for it. 

Here is how Affiliate program works:

Once you are at the highest level (Level 1) of the program and you invite someone, and they register, you automatically get a 7% fee on their Hash Power. You don’t need to ask for it, you just see it in your Hash Power wallet.

There are 3 levels to the referral system

  • Level 1 – 7%
  • Level 2 – 2%
  • Level 3 – 1%

Is Legit or a Scam

This website is a big scam and the owner is one of the notorious scammers be aware DON’T PUT YOUR MONEY

How do I contact

As we know it, Chainmine official’s offices are situated in the UK. 

Here’s their email:

Here’s their mailing address: ChainMine Ltd – 185 Gloucester Place, London, England. NW1 6BU.

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