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About Coventry Direct: Coventry Direct is focused on instructing customers about the chance of selling their disaster protection for cash by overseeing life, giving policyholders the choice to sell their life coverage they don’t require, and getting more worth than surrendering or quitting.

Our endeavors permit customers to finance clinical costs, supplement their retirement pay, take care of obligations, or keep up with numerous inclusions while killing charges. By persistently extending policyholder choices, Coventry Direct aides make extra security more adaptable, perform better, and are more important.


Coventry Direct is an individual from the Coventry gathering of organizations, which incorporates Coventry First, No. 1 in the Lifetime Fulfillment Provider rating. As a pioneer and maker of the life-saving industry, Coventry has conveyed more than $3.5 billion to purchasers.

Sell your life coverage strategy

Policyholders frequently offset the advantages of their extra security. Many accept that their main choice is to drop the strategy or pass on it to the insurance agency.

In all actuality, you can transform your arrangement into cash with a daily existence repayment. You could in fact keep part of your arrangement inclusion without making any future premium installments.

Coventry Direct is an auxiliary of Coventry First, which has been cast on a ballot as the best extra security organization a large number of years, assisting a huge number of policyholders with assessing their disaster protection adjusting choices. Try not to agree to short of what you merit.


The amount Is My Life Insurance Policy Worth?

The worth of your extra security relies upon a few factors, including the size of your insurance contract, the kind of contract you have, the expenses for your contract, and your wellbeing.
Overall, multiple times more than they would make from returning their arrangements to their backup plans.

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How to Cash in a Life Insurance Policy

Qualify.The initial step to trading out an extra security strategy is knowing whether you qualify. We should know some fundamental strategies and well-being data. You can give this data by finishing our web-based structure or by calling us at 1.800.268.3687 to talk with an approach subject matter expert.

Report Submission and Review.This piece of the interaction comprises marking an approval that permits us to assemble duplicates of your clinical records and disaster protection strategy data.


Offer and Acceptance.When the worth of your still is up in the air, you might get a proposal from Coventry First, our authorized life settlement supplier. You can pick either selling your whole arrangement for money or keeping a piece of your approach’s demise benefit while killing future premium commitments.

Timing shifts while attempting to trade out your life coverage strategy. Everything relies heavily on what amount of time it requires to get and assess your clinical records, how soon you can sign and return reports, and how rapidly your life coverage organization moves proprietorship.



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