Nutritional components and health benefits of cocoyam (TARO)

Nutritional Components and Health Benefits of Cocoyam (TARO)


Taro commonly known as cocoyam is a tuber crop widely grown in most part of the world especially African countries and its environs which is due to its nutritional compositions and numerous heath benefits

Taro also known as cocoyam is used as local delicacy for humans in various cultures and regions across the world .In Asian and Caribbean cuisines the leaves of Taro (cocoyam) are also utilized medically and nutritionally


Taro (cocoyam) is commonly grown amongst small scale farmers in the past and was recorded as a less important plant in past which makes its consumption lie within the less privileged.

5 Nutritional component of Taro (cocoyam)

  • Cocoyam can be a good source of vitamin E, with a small serving providing about 4 mg of this antioxidant, which is 30% of the daily intake.
  • Cocoyam when eaten regularly, also provides a good source of calcium and iron.
  • Leaves are also known to contain a high level of protein
  • Cocoyam corms are high in carbohydrate in the form of starch and low in fat and protein.
  • Cocoyam leaves eaten as a vegetable are excellent sources of provitamin A carotenoids, calcium, dietary fiber, vitamins C and B2 (riboflavin), and they also contain vitamin B1 (thiamin).

5 Health Benefits of Taro (Cocoyam)

  • The leaf of Cocoyam eaten as vegetable is said to be beneficial to some health conditions especially in fibroids, cocoyam leaves is believed to help shrink fibroid masses.
  • It helps in fertility and ovulation in women, cocoyam tubers and Cocoyam leaves helps boost fertility and ovulation in women and sperm count in men.
  • benefits of Cocoyam in pregnancy are numerous…it contains folic acid that will help the development of the unborn baby and prevent spinal bifida.
  • Cocoyam also helps in weight loss for people who desire reduction in weight
  • Basically, taro also known as cocoyam is a known as cocoyam is a very economical and also easy to process as food and easy to nurture as a plant
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