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August 2023 Npower news about Backlog Payment for Beneficiaries

August 2023 Npower news about Backlog Payment for Beneficiaries

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This news about the August 2023 Npower news about Backlog Payment for Beneficiaries across 36 States – read more under. This post contains August 2023 npower news about six month arrears. Nasims continued disbursement of backlogs to those owing them three month stipend.

Those that were unable to access the new nasims service portal should pls endeavour to wait as the site is not fully functional.  Those that were unable to validate their account kindly validate their details.

August 2023 Npower News on backlogs 

Npower Beneficiaries are currently facing a concerning situation as they grapple with the changes brought about by the ongoing Nasims portal updates. Just a few days ago, Npower shared an update with the public, indicating that they were undertaking crucial changes and improvements to the Nasims portal.

While this development was initially perceived as a step forward, it appears that some unintended consequences have arisen, causing dismay among the existing beneficiaries.

One of the major issues that have surfaced is related to the alterations in the beneficiaries’ profiles. Beneficiaries who had previously seen their status as “beneficiaries” and had received their stipends regularly for three months are now facing a perplexing change in their status to “applicants.” Understandably, this unexpected shift has triggered concerns and unhappiness among those affected.

The Npower management has promptly issued instructions to the beneficiaries, urging them to be patient during the ongoing updates and to refrain from editing or uploading any new information at the moment. This move is understandable as any further changes or edits during the updating process might complicate matters further.

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Despite the assurances from Npower management, beneficiaries are still anxious about the duration of the update. They are appealing to the management to expedite the process and resolve the issues with the Nasims portal promptly. The beneficiaries firmly believe that the portal should be restored to display their correct and previously held status as beneficiaries, which they rightfully deserve.

For those beneficiaries who have been encountering difficulties in accessing the Nasims self-service portal, a helpful tip has been provided by the authorities. Instead of using the Npower ID Number, they are advised to use their Email Address along with the appropriate password for login purposes.

It is understandable that such technical challenges can arise during major updates and system improvements. However, it is essential for Npower and its management to prioritize the concerns of the beneficiaries and work diligently to resolve these issues in a timely manner.

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