9 Ways To Deal With Public Erections Easily

Being a man comes with various challenges and having embarrassing public Erections also known as “Boner” is one of them. Having an erection is an important reaction in the male gender’s life, as it is essential during mating or sexual intercourse but most times, they seem to come unexpectedly like in the middle of a market, in a park, while hanging out with friends, at the football game or even in the midst of church members. Read More about ERECTION

You might not necessarily be thinking of any sexual related stuffs but still public erections find a way to creep, making you super embarrassed and if not rightly hidden in public, people might think of you as a pervert.

It is said that the male gender have a total of 11 erections per day, going through three to five per night, while others during the day that includes it probably catching up with you outside your comfort zone, giving you a public erection. Well, I know you must’ve experienced it before, and for this reason I’ll be discussing 9 smart ways to deal with the embarrassing public erections:

9 Ways To Deal With Public Erections Easily

  • Think Of Something Weird
  • Crossbody bag coverage
  • Hands In Pocket
  • Cross Legs
  • Tie a sweater or long t-shirt around your erection
  • Cool Your Erection
  • Take a stroll to secluded area
  • Meditation
  • A Few Pinches Will Do

1. Think Of Something Weird

Whenever you find yourself in a weird situation such as a public erection, the first thing you should try to do is to think of something weird, you could reflect on some weird videos you’ve watched earlier or you could imagine someone you know in an awkward situation like your best friend being pursued by a buffalo while butt naked. That would immediately dismiss whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

2. Crossbody bag coverage

A crossbody bag is a widely popular fashion bag accepted by both genders but, there are more to it than it being used for fashion. In a public erection situation, one could easily take advantage of it by increasing it’s length and use it to cover your boner. Inthis case, no one would easily detect you have a public erection, rather they would see it as a way of slaying the crossbody bag.

3. Hands In Pocket

This way is mostly incorporated my most guys. Instead of facing the embarrassing public erection situation, they would dip their hands into the pocket, with the aim of calming the boner and at the same time, making the boner less obvious to the onlookers.

4. Cross Legs

If you’re likely to find yourself seated and experiencing a boner, the advisable thing to do is to cross your legs. Crossing your legs during a public erection makes it easy for you to hide your boner immediately, and the bonus is that it makes you look stylish and gentlemanly. Instead of the public noticing your boner, they would be distracted with how you sit with etiquette and elegance.

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5. Tie a sweater or long t-shirt around your erection

It’s advisable to take a sweater or long T-shirt along with you always, incase of situations like this. You could easily pull it off and tie it round your waist, stylishly hiding your erection.

6. Cool Your Erection

Public erection can come anywhere unexpectedly including the gym, supermarkets and even at the hospital. When this comes, panicking is the last you should do. You can easily get a cold soda or bottle of water and place it on your boner. Doing this would relieve you of the boner within some minutes, and if you happen to find yourself at home when the boner comes unexpectedly, taking a cool shower would instantly help.

7. Take a stroll to secluded area

Public Erections come unexpectedly,and if noticed and controlled immediately, it would go as fast as it came. One of the ways you can control it is taking a stroll to secluded area. If you were caught unexpectedly by an erection, you can quickly excuse yourself and take a stroll to a private area where you can wait for the blood to leave your penis. Hence, don’t try to watch porn or think about a sexual partner, as it would only increase the erection.

8. Meditation

Meditation has been known for years for it’s amazing ability to keep a human’s mind relaxed, and in the case of public erections, it’s really important too. When you find yourself in an uneasy situation like that, you can keep your mind relaxed by breathing in and out, and also refocusing your mind.

After some minutes of mediation, you won’t even know when the blood leaves your penis relieving you of the embarrassing boner in public.

9. A Few Pinches Will Do

Most times, distractions are quite helpful like in this case. When you find yourself in such a difficult situation, you need to find a few distractions like pinching yourself or doing something painful that could easily divert the boner you’re trying so hard to hide.


Erection is very normal and can easily be calmed by ejaculation but in such cases that you notice an erection in the public without having any privacy to ejaculate, the best way is to opt for the ways mentioned in this post.

However, if you notice an erection lasting more than usual, consult your doctor as it might be a case of priapism. Priapism maybe caused by erectile dysfunction so seeing your doctor is highly recommended.

Now when you see a guy in public pocketing his hands or crossing his legs, you should know what is going on.

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