Nigerians made Foods that causes High Blood Pressure

Nigerians made Foods that causes High Blood Pressure


Have you been to Nigeria? Do you wish to know foods in Nigeria that can cause High Blood Pressure? This article will enlighten you more on what to eat in Nigeria and some foods to avoid. Read for better health.

Nigerians made Foods to avoid that can cause High Blood Pressure

  1. Puff puff
  2. Akara
  3. Fried plantain
  4. Fried meat and chicken
  5. Fried eggs with a lot of oil
  6. Stews..use minimal oil or healthy oil like cold pressed coconut oil.
  7. Samosas
  8. Spring rolls
  9. Chinchin

Cut back on that deep frying please!!!! you dont wanna risk kidney failure and heart attack!!! when your arteries are clogged, there is a risk of heart attack, angina, cardiovascular diseases called stroke.


Hypertension is a silent killer! And we Blacks are at a higher risk of having high blood pressure also called hypertension because of various genetic and environmental factors.

High Blood Pressure is when the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels is consistently too high, therefore increasing the workload of the heart.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 and when it goes above 130/80, you are considered stage 1 hypertensive. Anything above this is a total red flag and needs urgent medical attention.

HBP has no warning signs, and as a result, many are on the way to their graves because they don’t feel anything wrong with their body until they’re hit with vision loss, stroke, heart failure or even death.


Steps to avoid High Blood Pressure or manage the one you are battling with

  • Checkup regularly and make changes that matter;
  • Reduce your intake of salt
  • Exercise regularly
  • Lose weight if you’re obese
  • Remove junks, soda and all those soft drinks
  • Take your medications (If any), And watch yourself lead a healthy life.

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